Gaston Sébire

GASTON SÉBIRE (1920 – 2001)  It was in the forties that the Sebire’s reputation gained recognition. French galleries such as Visconti, Charpentier, Drouant and later Findlay, noticed him; and since his first exhibitions in Rouen in 1945 he was honored by various awards: Casa Velasquez, Critique, Greenshields, the gold medal of Salon des Artistes Français and the medal of honor of the Salon de la Marine.

He became the official painter of the Marine Nationale in 1975 and established himself as an excellent lithographer. In 1991, a retrospective of this artist’s works in the Musee de la Marine in Paris showed his talent as a figurative painter.

Moreover, Normandie had honored him in 1984 at the Chateau Vascoeuil, and then at the Musee des Beaux Arts of Rouen in 1986, where his large canvases had been revealed to enthusiasts.

In addition, The Amateurs Rouennais d’Art had published a work which compiled more than 200 pieces that illustrate the biography of the artist, who was born in Calvados in 1920, more precisely at Saint Samson and studied in the Maitrise Sainte Ecole in Rouen.

With an exceptional talent, this artist had worked for more than sixteen years, painting landscapes, still lifes, flowers and portraits. He deserved those tributes given by his native region at the beginning of the century. This artist was totally independent, not following trends and fashion, only focused on beauty, light and colors.

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