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The inception of The Findlay Institute is one that originates in a passion for art, and the desire to continuously expand the knowledge of that art and its history through generations. It is through the establishment of The Findlay Institute that these goals are reinforced today.

Since the conception, in 1870 in Kansas City of The Findlay Galleries, collectors have been inspired and enriched by a great many number of artists. The gallery has helped develop the careers of loved and highly collected artists.  In 2014, as a separate company, The Findlay Institute was established as the recognized authority on the oeuvres of a selection of these great artists: Beltrán Bofill, André Hambourg, Constantin Kluge, Le Pho, Henri Maik, Gaston Sébire, Nicola Simbari, and Vu Cao Dam.

As such, the Institute acts as the primary source of certificates of authenticity for these artists among museums, auction houses, corporations, and public and private collectors. In keeping with the promotion of art education and knowledge, The Findlay Institute is also currently preparing individual Critical Catalogues of Authenticity for all of its artists as well.

The Findlay Institute has meticulously assembled a vast and unparalleled collection of documents that range over 60 years.  With this it has become a major center for research in art history. The Institute continues to augment its library holdings while simultaneously working to publish a variety of critical catalogues.

Additionally, The Findlay Institute’s extensive and constantly updated collection of research materials allows the Institute to further support research in art history. Dedicated to assisting both specialists and amateurs continue to develop their research on these important artists, and with the help of our extensive array of available resources, The Findlay Institute continues to respond to the queries of all those interested in the world of art.

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